Wedding Ring Guide

How to buy the perfect wedding ring without breaking the bank or leaving your house?

It’s true, due to unnecessary middle-men and uninspired jewellery stores, most engagement rings are not only generic designs but also vastly overpriced. And those costs get pushed on to you - the customer.

Just like your relationship, a wedding ring should be something truly special and built to last.

But that doesn’t mean it needs to break the bank.

In this guide, we’re going to show you exactly how to buy a premium quality wedding ring that is not only affordable but with last a lifetime. And, you won't even have to leave the house!

3 Must-Know Money Saving Tips For Buying A Quality Wedding Ring

1. Where are you buying the ring?

When you buy a wedding ring from a faceless high-street retailer chain it can be up to 45% more expensive.

Not to mention, most of the ring designs are generic and can be found in most other jewellers. You are not getting anything special or unique.

Often times a family jewellers that has their own designer and gemologist and works with British wedding ring manufacturers is your best bet. 

Family jewellers don’t have the huge overheads of mainstream retailers and usually offer a better price, service and have a more individual curated collection of designs to choose from. 

2. Product Quality & Guarantee

Believe it or not, people can spend upto 20-30% of the value of their ring getting it fixed or maintained and many retail stores do not make it clear exactly what you are buying. 

Many jewellers offer a complimentary cleaning and re-sizing service. So, look for jewellers in your nearest city, this way you can easily pop in.

Check that if you are choosing diamonds that they have been ethically sourced. If the stones can also be chosen by a qualified gemologist, even better. 

With such a sentimental item, we recommend having the ring made in the UK with a guarantee to ensure quality.

3. Complimenting your engagement ring

The four things to consider when deciding on your wedding ring are Metal, Width, Profile and whether you want it plain or set with stones. 

By getting the right combination of all four, this will help you get the perfect wedding band that will perfectly compliment your engagement ring without paying more than you need to.


It is always recommended that if you are wearing you wedding ring alongside an engagement ring that you choose the same metal as your engagement ring. Platinum is the most pure, rare and hard wearing precious metal for a wedding and engagement ring so you have very low maintenance. 


If you want a perfectly tailored look then you may want to look at choosing a similar width as your engagement ring. It is also worth bearing in mind, are you planning to wear an eternity ring on the same finger somewhere down the line? If so you need to make sure you have enough space.



Plain vs Diamond

This is simply a question of, do you want more sparkle? If so a channel set half diamond ring is a great choice because the diamonds are securely set and it gives you options to change the ring size slightly as your fingers change over time.

So, where do I start?

These days you can find the most amazing wedding rings from your living room with just a laptop. Have you got a laptop at home? Look for a local family jewellers that offer virtual consultations, this way not only can speak to an expert but you can get a close look at the wedding rings.

Wedding Ring Shopping Can Be Overwhelming

There’s so many options out there and so much to choose from. 

As a starting point you’ll need to consider how your engagement ring will sit alongside your wedding ring.

Why not take the effort and guesswork out of it?

Imagine if you had an expert walk you step-by-step through the whole process of creating your perfect ring and all from the comfort of your own home.

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